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Quality control

Quality control

   Complete quality system: REFIN-NATURAL always insist on "steady quality supply high quality product" to control product quality, pass NSF-GMP,ISO9001,HACCP,KOSHER, HALAL,FAD etc system ceritification one by one, quality control is strictly based on GMP, HACCP request, ensure product quality is correspond or superior to domestic and international standard.

   Excellent quality control term: There are over 20 masters and bachelors from pharmacy, food science consisting of JF-NATURAL quality control team, they are trained on professional quality administration and testing, start work with related certificate, ensure every batch of product is corresponding to manufacturing regulation of quality sysytem requested, all parameters are in right test.

  Advanced testing equipment:REFIN-NATURAL-NATURAL owns high performance liquid chromatograph, gaschromatograph,atomic absorption spectrometer,ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer, colour photometer etc over 30 imported and homebred refined intruments, which can test and control appearance, content, heavy metal,pesticides residue etc. Meanwhile we built microorganism lab, matched with ten thousands of level clean area and regional hundreds of level clean workbench, biological safety cabinet which can respectively test and cultivate limit bacteria and pathogenic bacteria.