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Sweet Potato Red

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Refine’s purple sweet potato pigment is a pigment obtained by extracting tuberous roots of Ipomoea batatas (Convolvulaceae). This purely natural and water-soluble edible haematochrome is produced after processes of sorting, cleaning, cutting, soaking, filtering, refining, concentration, sterilization (finished product of purple sweet potato pigment- liquid) and spraying drying (finished product- powder).
The principle pigment components of purple sweet potato pigment are cyanidin acyl glucoseide and peonidin acyl glucoside.

Purple sweet potato pigment (powder) is red to purple red; purple sweet potato pigment (liquid) is brown purple. It smells like sweet potato. It’s easily soluble in water, hydrous ethanol, propylene glycol and insoluble in oils and fats. When its water solution is acid, it’s stable, red to purple red; when its water solution is alkaline, it’s blue. In acid condition, it’s stable to heat and light.
·Application Scope and Application Method
Fit for dyeing of compound wine, carbonated beverage, fruit juice, jam, candy, baked foods and etc.
·Recommended usage level
Beverage: 0.01~0.1% ; Candy : 0.05~0.2%:  Baked foods: 0.01~0.1%。
·Legal Number
INS 163  EEC E-163   KFDA Natural Addictives 142  Japan Natural Addictives 434  FDA 21CFR §73.260
The powder is packed by carton, paper barrel and plastic bag inside the plastic drum. The net weight of each carton, barrel is 10kg, 20kg respectively; liquid is packed by plastic drum and the net weight of each drum is 25kg. Packing specification can be adjusted according to the customer requirements.
Sealed, avoid light, store in cool and dry place
·Expiration Date
In the above storage condition, expiration date is two years from date of manufacture for powder and one year from date of manufacture for liquid (unopened). If not used up after opening, resealing is necessary and use up in 6 months for powder and 1 month for liquid.

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