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Black Carrot Red

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[Name]: purple carrot pigment
[Botanical sources]: Extracted and purified from purple carrots (Cruciferae).
[Chemical Composition]: The principal coloring matter is anthocyanin which contains pelargonidin.
[Properties]: Its appearance is dark red powder, vey soluble in water and ethyl alcohol, insoluble in oils and fats. The color of water solution changes depending on PH value. When PH<5, the solution is orange red; When 5≤PH≤7, the solution is purple red; When PH>7, the solution is purple blue. In acid condition, it has good light resistance and heat resistance.
[No pathogenic bacterium
[Applications]: Applied in coloring of candy, baked foods, drinks, fruit wine, fruit milk, jelly, jam, popsicle, ice cream, canned food, ham sausage, sugarcoat of medicine and etc.

The powder is packed by carton, paper barrel and plastic bag inside a plastic drum. The net weight of each carton, barrel is 10kg, 20kg respectively; liquid is packed by plastic drum and the net weight of each drum is 25kg. Packing specification can be adjusted according to the customer requirements.
Sealed, avoid light, store in cool and dry place
Expiration Date
In the above storage condition, expiration date is two years from date of manufacture. If not used up after opening, resealing is necessary and use up in 6 months.


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