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                                                                Carthamus Yellow

Carthamus yellow
Carthamus yellow is a natural food colorant, obtained by extracting the corolla of Carthamus Tinctorius L. (feverfew) after processes of soaking, filtering, refining, concentration, sterilization and spray drying. The principal coloring matters are safflomin A and safflomin B.

Carthamus yellow is yellow or yellowish-brown powder, easily soluble in water and diluted ethyl alcohol, insoluble in diethyl ether, petroleum ether, oils and fats, acetone and etc. Good dyeing effect for starch, bad dyeing effect for proteins. Iron ion can make it black. It’s stable to light and heat.
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Application Scope and Application Method (according to GB2760 Sanitary Standards of Using Food Additives)
Carthamus yellow can be used in convenient wheat food and rice products, carbonated beverage, fruit drinks, fruit and vegetable (with fruit pulp) juice, decorative fruit and vegetables, frozen drinks (except edible ice), candy, colorful decorations on baked foods, preserved fruit, jelly, canned fruit, canned vegetables, canned rice porridge, compound wine, filling of cereal products, cured meat products, seasoning and puffed food. When using carthamus yellow, dissolve it in a small amount of water and then add it to food ingredient.
·Recommended usage level (according to GB2760 Sanitary Standards of Using Food Additives)
Maximum usage level for convenient wheat food and rice products is 0.5g/kg and 0.2g/kg for other products.
·Legal Number
CNS No.: 08.103  C I No.: 75140  KFDA No.: Natural Additives 97  Japan: Natural Additives 397
The powder is packed by carton, paper barrel and plastic bag inside the plastic drum. The net weight of each carton, barrel is 10kg, 20kg respectively; liquid is packed by plastic drum and the net weight of each drum is 25kg. Packing specification can be adjusted according to the customer requirements.
Sealed, avoid light, store in cool and dry place
·Shelf Life
In the above storage condition, expiration date is two years from date of manufacture. If not used up after opening, resealing is necessary and use up in 6 months.

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